Automatic detection and tracking of city assets.

Get multiple of indicators from a single camera.

Control panel

Centralize all your traffic cameras in one view. Customize the data visualization in a few clicks.

No internet needed

Your cameras can operate autonomously without constant internet connection. Optionally, you can power them with solar energy and send periodic reports via GPRS.

Extract any indicator

Easily configure the desired indicators. Track vehicles and people, count passes, visualize occupancy or most usual routes…

Prediction of waiting times

Given the amount of vehicles in bottleneck scenarios, it is possible to forecast the waiting time for every vehicle arriving. After the vehicles leave the area, the exact waiting time is recorded and added to the knowledge system.

Track vehicles

Get measures like occupancy, average speed, number of vehicles, estimated waiting times…

Track people

Get number of people crossing a threshold, age, gender, ethnicity… Use face recognition to identify people from a whitelist or blacklist, detect unusual behaviors. Get Near-Miss analysis of dangerous crossroads.

Detect and recognize license plates

Get the license plate numbers of all sort of vehicles, record their time of crossing, cross-reference with database and decide if they are locals or not. All the data is visualized in a customizable control panel.