Crowd analysis platform.

Computer vision system for crowd analytics. Detect and track people. Identify faces and clothing patterns. Trace path and count threshold crossing. Analyze behaviors and generate alarms.

Control panel

Centralize all your traffic cameras in one view. Customize the data visualization in a few clicks.

No internet needed

Your cameras can operate autonomously without constant internet connection. Optionally, you can power them with solar energy and send periodic reports via GPRS.

Extract any indicator

Easily configure the desired indicators. Count people, identify them, predict their age and gender, do a near-miss analysis, classigy their behavior, predict their actions…

Capable of reporting population density in big open spaces

Whether at the beach, park or at the mountain, you will be able to monitor the amount of people present. In case of fellany, fight or provoked fire, you can automatically detect the behavior and contact the authorities immediately.

Track people

Find out how many people go through a specific point. Classify them by age or gender. Identify specific individuals. Find out if they have been here already or not.

Social distancing

Works indoors and outdoors. Find out people density. Detect abnormal behaviors like fights, burglars and people drowning. Create alerts and act right away.

Pose estimation

Either walking around or doing sports, track the specific 3D pose and compare it with previous exercises. Classify the type of action a person is doing. Detect if someone is laying on the ground without moving.