Automatic management system for parking lots.

One camera can monitor dozens of parking spots and report in real time. Get alarms for unauthorized parking, and occupancy per spots. Have a real-time diagram of your parking lot with vacant spots.

Automatic reports

Get monthly reports of occupancy that you can compare to billing.

No need for server

The camera can hold all the computation load. No internet connection is required. No subscriptions.

Distributed and robust

Cameras talk to eachother and notify if one disconnects.

Security & Safety Things Open OS

Application compatible with the Security & Safety Things ecosystem. You can run the application on any camera with this operating system installed.

Simple Configuration

It is only necessary to paint on the screen the parking spaces to be controlled and the system will automatically detect whether they are occupied or not.

Real time status information

You can see at any time and from any camera in the control group the status of the controlled parking spaces.

Differents views available

Different views of the information are available for the management team or for the local control staff. The different views allow you to know the status in real time or the states stored in the database..