Safety in the Factory

You can increase the security of your factory with simple video surveillance cameras. You can monitor distances between people and machinery and control exclusive access areas.

Automatic reports

Obtain detailed records of safety KPIs such as number of dangerous events or average distances between personnel and machinery.

Learn about the factory

Identify previously uncontrolled dangerous areas.

Distributed and robust

Multiple cameras can monitor the same area to further increase safety.

Forklifts and people movement monitoring

Edge Computing device for safety around forklifts and automatic reporting.


It is also a video recorder

Automatically saves anomalous situations to be able to be reviewed later.

Definition of spaces

You can zone the warehouse area with different access possibilities. Exclusive machinery, exclusive people, shared or shared exclusive.

Integration with field devices

The alarm management module can interact with various types of integrations (relays, field buses, IP messaging). All the data are also available from the operation console.

Easy installation

It is not necessary specialized technical personnel to carry out the installation. All you have to do is to connect the analysis module to Ethernet and  configure the IP address of the cameras to be monitored and the system is already in operation.