Non-intrusive thermographic fever detection

The state-of-the-art thermographic fever detection can decrease the temperature error with our proprietary equalization algorithm. Additionally, it can be coupled with face recognition for an automatic public event screening process.

Tablet interface

Easy and intuitive interface on a portable device like a tablet

Metheorology station

Added a metheorology station to improve temperature reading accuracy.

Face recognition

Estimation of BMI, age and gender for optimized results. Option to recognize faces for screening.

Non-invasive temperature measurement is the way to go

Avoid bottlenecks and confrontation with crowd fever detection. Save on personnel, who only have to approach the person with detected fever in the best possible moment.

Easy to use interface in a wireless device

The app allows to visualize the history of people passing through the checkpoint together with their detection information. Different kinds of alarms can be configured for whitelist and blacklist face detection and for fever detection.

Suitable for interiors and exteriors

The typical screening set-up consists of a dual thermographic and RGB camera installed on one side and a black body installed on the other. The attendant to the event stands on a mark on the floor. The whole procedure takes only a few seconds.

Also applicable to crowd screening

System prepared to screen by temperature and recognize crowds with multiple people. If a positive individual is found, its face and clothing information is stored in the database.