Computer Vision Solutions For fever detection, social distancing and access control Computer Vision Solutions For traffic analysis, parking management and queue optimization Big Data Solutions For analysis, consulting, optimization and prediction. Computer Vision Solutions For image processing and object detection with drones

Specialized in Image Recognition using state-of-the-art deep neural networks, but also building the necessary blocks for a complete and useful application: database connections, APIs, GUIs and more.


Forklift safety

Edge AI device that allows to monitor the movement of people and forklift arround the factory. You can define forbidden areas, common areas with maximum populaton, minimum distances between people and machinery, and the system will warn (activation of relays, sending email and sms) when any of the conditions is triggered.

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Traffic Analysis

Detection and tracking of vehicles. Able to calculate speed, individual waiting time, number of vehicles per area, occupancy, and more. Works with CCTV cameras.

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Crowd Monitoring

Detection and tracking of people. Counts number of people crossing. Measurement and prediction of waiting times in queues. Face identification. Mask detection. Social distancing on the street and in beaches.

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Parking Management

Complete control of a parking lot by a few cameras. Edge computing, distributed and robust architecture, no servers, no recurrent costs.

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Slurry distribution

Big data analysis of slurry distribution across Catalonia, including forecasting, optimization and data visualization.

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